1) What is an NXT Nutrition Athlete/Ambassador?

An NXT Nutrition Athlete is one someone who is passionate about health & fitness. They not only breathe the lifestyle, but they’re also approachable, willing to help others, and knowledgeable about their craft. Our athletes also believe wholly in the NXT Nutrition range of products and are willing to promote our brand across either their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles at least once weekly. They’re also willing to collaborate with us on a monthly basis for one written article or video to be shared with our followers to help educate our customers and inspire them to get results from their health & fitness.

2) Who can apply to become an NXT Nutrition Athlete?

Anybody who is passionate about the industry and willing to promote our range in a way that’s in synergy with our ethos. You will have to be active on at least two forms of social media from either Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and primarily producing content focused on health & fitness.

3) What are the duties of the NXT Athletes?
  • Willing to post at least once weekly across their social media platforms uniquely crafted content promoting our products.

  • Includes their unique discount code in all social media posts pertinent to NXT Nutrition, as well as updating their bio with said code & #NXTAthlete.

  • Must have time to contribute 1 article or video per month for educational purposes (will be used by the brand in a mutually beneficial way to promote the athlete).

  • Wear NXT Nutrition apparel at relevant events to represent the brand.

  • Be a positive role model and ambassador for the brand, and represent us with the utmost professionalism at all times.

4) What benefits do NXT Athletes receive?

We currently offer 3 tiered sponsorship packages depending on our athletes’ following and influence, as well as being negotiable if they’re willing to work closely with us and attend seminars, events, etc (remuneration available). At the very least, all athletes will receive a monthly supplement allowance as well as a unique discount code with commission to offer their followers. Supplement allowance may increase depending on the athlete’s following on social media.

In addition to this, we work tirelessly to promote our athletes and make the partnership as mutually beneficial as possible. We take great pride in including our athletes across our international following, and this exposure helps to grow their influence across the fitness industry.

5) How will I know if I’m selected?

We endeavour to respond to all applications within one week. We acknowledge all applicants and extremely grateful for their support and desire to represent the brand.

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