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Most Supplements Are Manufactured in the Same Facility!

by Muhammad Aamir Naeem 03 Aug 2023

This may be a contentious one to include for us because we’ve already admitted that a part of our history was in manufacturing supplements for other brands, but it’s still worth noting.

Over 95% of companies out there are using mass-produced facilities to manufacture their supplements and there’s no attempt to hide this.

The go-to method for starting a supplement company is to simply pick a manufacturer, and then choose a cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf product and label that’s already been designed for often hundreds of companies previously.

After this has been done, brands rely on their marketing prowess and packaging to effectively sell their products.

But if they’re manufactured at a GMP facility, what’s the problem?”, you may ask.

Ask yourself these questions:

- If you care about innovation, do you bring out a product that hundreds of others have already sold before?
- If your products are mass-produced at the same facility all other brands are, are you truly “different”, apart from the fact that your packaging may be?
- If you can’t oversee your operations in-house, how do you ensure that the operational procedures are following stringent safety measures and quality manufacturing processes? You can’t.

We say all this not as a slur on other companies, but simply a simple fact that most of them don’t care about originality or scientific innovation. If they did, the sourcing would be done inhouse and the operational procedures a lot more robust.

This may be harsh on smaller companies starting out, but it’s another unique advantage we have at NXT Nutrition in that we oversee all manufacturing procedures in-house.

Even more problematic is the fact that big manufacturing plants won’t simply create unique, innovative formulas for new brands as they’re simply not profitable or cost-efficient to create. This leaves many brands with the “if you can’t beat them, join them” mentality as they join the herd in the production cycle of mass-produced, cheap quality supplements.

This leaves very little room for scientific innovation in our industry, and a truly exceptional, strong belief system is necessary for new brands to bring out cutting-edge formulas backed by science.

Bonus: What We Offer YOU

We truly appreciate you taking the time out to read this important document.

It may be controversial in parts… but we make no apologies for telling the truth. It’s more important to us than offending somebody.

Knowledge is power, and at NXT Nutrition, we truly believe in educating consumers so that they can make informed choices when it comes to purchasing supplements. It’s the very least you deserve.

We’d like to take this opportunity to offer you a guarantee and state our case as to why we believe we should be your go-to source of supplements.

Now, 1 last thing before you go…

Please, SHARE and FORWARD this document to EVERYONE who takes health/sports supplements, and let’s make sure the word gets around so everybody else can make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing supplements.

Simply Click Here to pass this PDF on, and we’ll speak to you soon.

Thank you for reading,

- Eamonn Manning
NXT Nutrition

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